Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips

No matter what your skin type may be, during the winter months our skin has a harder time holding its hydration. The colder temperatures and winds, along with the heat in our homes zaps most of the moisture from the air, leaving our skin crying out for the hydration it needs.

Here are some ways to balance your skin’s moisture levels that improve your winter skincare routine:

  • DRINK MORE WATER! The skin as well as the body needs an adequate amount of water to function. Start making a habit of drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day!
  • ADD GOOD FATS TO YOUR DIET! During the winter months, and all throughout the year, good fats are essential to the health of our skin and body tissues. They are called essential fatty acids for a reason! Good fats help our skin to create lipids and proteins that lock in hydration, not to mention increase collagen and elastin production. (This means younger-looking skin)
  • DETOXIFY AND STRENGTHEN! Now, you may be thinking, “My skin is oily all the time, there is no way my skin needs more hydration.” This is one of the many myths of skincare. Even oily skin can get dehydrated in the winter. Less moisture in the air means less moisture in the skin, therefore, the skin can overproduce oil to compensate for the lack of hydration. A great tool to help with this is Kali Sulph. Kali Sulph is a cell salt, composed of potassium and sulfur. Which help to both detoxify and strengthen the tissues. Two important keys to healthy skin are mineralization and detoxification.
  • USE A GOOD QUALITY MOISTURIZER! Moisturizers with ingredients such as peptides, rose, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, snow mushrooms, aloe vera, almond oil etc. help your skin to hold its moisture and repair. The best part is these ingredients and so many more, can be found in our line of all-natural and organic skincare, Elina Organics!

If you struggle with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, dry, flaky skin, excess oily skin, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, or any other stubborn skin conditions, Holistic and Natural Facials are perfect for you!

Holistic & Natural Facial Services

But what is a Holistic and Natural Facial? And what is a Holistic Esthetician? A Holistic Esthetician works with not only the skin, but with the entire body.

The skin is a direct reflection of our internal health, so by making an appointment for a Holistic and Natural Facial, you will not only be receiving a relaxing and ultra-healing treatment for your face with 100% natural and organic products, but your skin will also be looked at on a naturopathic level, so your body can truly heal itself from within.

At Herbs Etc., Chloe is a Holistic Esthetician and aspiring naturopathic doctor working on her third year here at the Naturopathic Institute.

Chloe will suggest topical products as well as any herbs, vitamins, minerals or other nutrients that may be needed to facilitate inner and outer healing. Call to make your appointment with Chloe today, at (989) 773-3636.