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Herbs Etc is your go-to location for orgonite products. There are many places online where you can get orgonite, but the experts say to be careful about where you get your orgonite, as many orgonite products available online can be ineffective. Herbs Etc is your answer for top-quality orgonite that you can trust. Here are a few things to keep in mind about our orgonite:

  • Defends Against Deadly Orgone Energy for Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Improvement
  • Made by Hand by a Local Reiki Master
  • Sage Cleansed and Tuned to 528 Hz
  • Comes in a Wide Range of Mediums from Pyramids to Bracelets and More

Here are a few of the reasons why you can feel confident with Herbs Etc as your trusted orgonite source:

  • Trusted Since 1995
  • 5 Traditional Naturopathic Professionals on Staff for Private Health Assessments
  • Support Staff Ready to Help with Any Questions
  • Complimentary Organic Tea and Samples Available

If you’re interested in learning more or picking up your orgonite, please contact us at (989) 778-9151 or visit us in the store to speak with our helpful support staff.

Orgone energy is all around us. It’s not all bad. Some of that energy is positive, some is neutral, and some is negative. That negative energy, called Deadly Orgone Energy, is what you have to keep in mind. This energy is stagnant, with the life energy of orgone not flowing freely.

A common way to take in Deadly Orgone Energy is through being around Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). EMFs come from almost all technology. It’s nearly impossible to completely avoid, which is why protection is key.

From deadly orgone energy, you can experience:

  • Mental Fog
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Dysesthesia
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Nausea
  • Fertility Complications
  • Cancer

That’s where orgonite comes in. Orgonite transmutes this stagnant, negative energy into free-flowing positive energy.

Benefits of Orgonite

While Deadly Orgone Energy can have awful effects on you, you can avoid many of these issues with orgonite from Herbs Etc.

Our orgonite is designed to stop this Deadly Orgone Energy and even generate Positive Orgone Energy. This comes with a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • Improve Vitality
  • Get a Better, More Restful Sleep
  • Decrease Both Mental and Physical Stress
  • Helps with Meditation and Spiritual Growth
  • Improves Plant Growth When Placed in Your Garden
  • Brings Harmony to Your Home or Workplace
  • Protects You from Negative Energies
  • Can be Programmed for Special Intent or Manifestation

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of surrounding yourself with orgonite. That is why we suggest having it in your home, office, garden, and even your phone case.

Orgone Pyramids

While Orgone’s benefits are potent enough on their own, an Orgone Pyramid helps enhance these effects. These pyramids are made of organic (resin) and inorganic materials (metal shavings). The organic materials absorb the organic energy around, while the inorganic materials repel the negative. As the materials push and pull, it creates a type of scrubbing effect that transforms the negative energy into positive.

Many pyramids contain healing crystals as well as resin and metal shavings. Some of these stones include:

  • Amethyst: Works to purify negative energies
  • Green Jade: Works to encourage financial growth in your life
  • Rose Quartz: The stone used to open one’s heart to love
  • Tiger’s Eye: Helps to embolden and bring clarity
  • Green Adventurine: The stone that promotes luck and opportunity

All of these are perfect for everyday use in the home.

Additionally, the pyramid shape isn’t just a stylistic decision. Pyramids are symbols of the earth and the cosmos. It stretches out toward the universe while also remaining grounded and balanced.

Our Orgonite at Herbs Etc

It is incredibly easy to make an orgonite copycat. That’s why you see them all over the internet being sold by individual sellers. The truth is that many of these will not give you the results you want. Here at Herbs Etc, you can get orgonite that you can trust.

Here are a few facts about our Orgonite that will be important to keep in mind as you decide where to buy from:

  • Our orgonite is optimized to efficiently defend you from Deadly Orgone Energy, providing you with numerous benefits for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual improvement.
  • All of our orgonite is handmade right here in Michigan by a Reiki Master.
  • Orgonite from Herbs Etc is sage cleansed and is tuned to 528 Hz right before being packaged.
  • You can get our orgonite in a wide variety of forms. This includes pyramids, paperweights, phone grips, pendants, earrings, and much more.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that we ensure that our orgonite is the best of the best, so that you can rest easy knowing that you are well taken care of. For orgonite that can really help, go with Herbs Etc.

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Wondering what sets Herbs Etc apart as the natural health store that you can trust?

Simple, we have experience providing natural health services to the community since 1995, have five traditional Naturopathic Professionals on staff for private health assessments, have a  support staff that is ready to help with any questions that you may have, and you even get complimentary organic tea and samples so you can get a sense of what we offer. We try to build out our store to make the natural health process a great experience for you.

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Orgonite FAQ

There isn’t as much information out there as there should be about orgonite. Not many people know a lot regarding these vital tools, which is why we talked to the experts to get you the answers you need about orgonite.

We spoke with Gary Fields, founder of Orgone Energy Fields, and Michelle Hood, owner of Lite the Light, about orgonite and asked all of the questions at the front of your mind.

  1. How long should it take for people to feel the positive effects of orgonite?

Gary: “It depends on the individual. It could be instantaneous or a week or two. If they resonate a lot of energy to interact with the crystal’s energy, they will notice immediate effects. If someone is sick, it may take a little longer to feel it. A lot of people feel it right away. Their hairs stand on end or they feel a chill or a warm glow over them.”

Michelle: “Everyone is different in their sensitivity to energy or shift changes. Some will notice that they can meditate more easily if they do that. Others might notice after a while that they have been sleeping better or are less tired sitting in front of the computer (if it is placed between themselves and the device). There is no one answer.”

  1. Do you foresee any big leaps in the field of Orgonomy?

Gary: “I see a lot of copycats that do more harm than good. Other devices claiming to be Orgonite may not be. People make things on their own but if they don’t know what they are doing, they can cause more harm than good.”

Michelle: “There are always leaps! Thank goodness. Yes I do. In fact, I am working on something myself now. Ingenuity and brilliance come at the most unexpected, yet necessary times. None of this is new, we are all just finding our way. So much information is hidden from us. We could all be further ahead if we had access to the great works of the ancients.”

  1. When buying orgonite, what should people look for?

Gary: “Authenticity: make sure all materials are authentic, not fake gemstones or crystals.

Natural Materials: Synthetic resins, crystals, stones will do harm. Only natural crystals, minerals, stones and petroleum carbon based resins can be used.

Use of Space: In order to function efficiently, Orgonite should be proportional to the materials, crystals or stones used in the piece. They should be perfect in size and shape to reap the best benefits.”

Michelle: “Always pick the one you love most. There really can be a difference in how these are made and whether they have a greater or lesser output. That written, all orgone can be charged and amped up. Using direct sunlight or sound (chimes, forks, bowls or even classical music) which emanate precise waves of frequency and light that clear environments, crystals and all living beings! If the orgone device is really in bad shape, consider burying it in the earth for 2 weeks to see if it can be resurrected. All these remedies are both simple and profound.”

  1. Is there anything people can do along with using orgonite to avoid Deadly Orgone Energy?

Gary: “There are a lot of debunkers out there but from the 100’s of testimonials I receive and the repeat business: Orgonite is the only product effective against DOR.”

Michelle: “DOR is all around us. There is really no way to avoid it unless you live in a remote area, off the grid.  What we all can do is minimize and mitigate it. Orgone can definitely help do that. Strategically placing orgone devices in your home or in front of your computer will initiate vortices outputting higher frequencies connected to the crystal matrix kingdom. Other great remedies are copper mesh on the wall behind your smart meter and faraday material in the most severely affected locations (near power lines, etc.).”

  1. How has introducing orgonite into your life affected you?

Gary: “Orgonite has provided less stress, anxiety and pain in my life since I began producing it.  By combining crystal energy with the Orgonite, I am able to support or remove symptoms entirely.”

Michelle: “Working with crystals for the last 11 years and making orgone pyramids has definitely increased my intuitive and psychic abilities. It is much easier to maintain a meditative state with the pyramids close by. I am used to this energy now but when I have guests over, they all feel the difference in the energy of my space and love to hang out! That says a lot.”