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Natural Healing Services and Products: About Us

Naturopathic Experts Here to Help You!

Herbs Etc is a retail store providing natural health products and services that empower people to take charge of their own health and well-being. We staff experienced naturopathic consultants and therapists who are dedicated to helping customers and clients understand and improve their health; they are qualified to provide nutritional advice and suggest natural health remedies. We are Mount Pleasant’s foremost authority on natural health and the place to find healing strategies that address all aspects of your health and well-being for you and your whole family.

Natural Health Services & Therapies include several types of Therapeutic Massage, Health and Diet Consultations, Iridology, Colon Hydrotherapy, Voice Analysis, Color Therapy, Biological Terrain Assessment, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Infrared Sauna, Detoxing Foot Soak, Body Vibe Machine, and more.

Natural Health Products available include herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbal teas, books, essential oils, massage therapy supplies, organic personal care, environmentally safe water containers, ear candles, products for specific blood types, one of the largest selections of homeopathic remedies in the state, healthy snacks, and organic chocolates. We also have DIY supplies, jewelry, tinctures, salt lamps and more! Stop in and check the wide selection of items – we are constantly updating them and bringing in new products.

Meet Our Staff

Herbs Etc is staffed by experienced consultants and therapists who are dedicated to helping you understand and improve your health, provide nutritional advice and suggest natural remedies.

Naturopaths and Therapists

Bassheen Baker, Owner of Herbs ETC

Bessheen Baker, N.D. – Founder and Owner of Herbs Etc, Certified Naturopath, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor

Bessheen is a naturopath with a passion for creating life-changing programs. Her background in Natural Health goes all the way back to her childhood. Appointments with her focus on nutrition, non-invasive forms of analysis such as Iridology, Sclerology, Muscle Response Testing and much more. Bessheen is also the founder of the Naturopathic Institute and Naturopathic Community Center.Bessheen Baker, ND – Herbs eEtc was founded by Bessheen Baker and her young family in 1995. She continues to be the owner of Herbs etc and keeps a busy schedule of offering services to existing clients while supporting and training other members of the Herbs Etc team. Bessheen teaches several courses for the Naturopathic Institute while serving as it’s Director of Education. She enjoys working on her own ranch and developing herbal and vegetable gardens there. Her focus remains on education of the people in order to empower them to good health.

Amanda Pardee, Store Associate

Amanda Pardee – Store Associate

Amanda Pardee has held the position of manager of Herbs Etc store and works as a Store Associate. She is here to work the clients and customers on all things natural health in the Herbs Etc store. Amanda is a student at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education and is studying to become a Board Certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor.

Amy Jo Howard - CN, CH, & CND

Amy Jo Howard, C.N., C.H., N.D. – Certified Naturopath, Certified Homeopath, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor

Amy Jo has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Central Michigan University and has graduated from NITE as a Certified Naturopath and Certified Homeopath. Working in the natural health field for over thirteen years, she sees clients on a daily basis and educates them on how to take charge of their health and return to a state of well being. Amy Jo also teaches several courses at NITE and MidMichigan Community College. With her friendly smile and knowledgeable skills, she will help you find balance with your individual health concerns.Amy Jo Howard is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Naturopath, and Certified Homeopath. Before pursuing her love for natural health, Amy Jo graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Psychology. She has been seeing clients in both a consultation and bodywork therapy format as well as teaching in the field of Naturopathy for twenty years. By engaging with people on a personal level and helping them discover new and simple ways to improve their health, Dr. Howard inspires her clients to find answers and gain success in their efforts toward ultimate wellness. She truly enjoys creating unique and personalized health programs for her clients in addition to teaching them the many different ways that the body communicates with us regarding its state of balance. Dr. Howard is currently accepting new clients, and you can make an appointment by calling (989) 773-3636.

Annette Richards-Mendez, LMT

Annette Richards-Mendez – Licensed Massage Therapist

Annette Richards-Mendez became a member of the massage team after completing her program at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education. She is currently studying to become a Board Certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor. As an LMT, Annette can perform a variety of techniques and bodywork therapies. Annette enjoys incorporating several different techniques in each of her sessions and using essential oils to help with specific ailments her clients are working on to maximize the benefits of each session.

Carla Anderson, Natural Health Therapist

Carla Anderson – Natural Health Therapist

Carla Anderson is currently taking on new clients at Herbs Etc. She is studying to be a Board Certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education. She sees clients for natural health evaluations, iridology, craniosacral therapy and more. Before coming to Herbs Etc she worked in the medical field as an ultrasound technologist and radiologic technologist for over 20 years. She is excited to walk a path to health with her clients using natural modalities for their physical, emotional, and mental health.

Charis Calender-Suemnick, Natural Health Therapist

Charis Calender-Suemnick – Natural Health Therapist

Charis began her natural health journey over 20 years ago when she made her first appointment with a Naturopath. After a lifetime of digestive issues, she became instantly inspired by the blood type diet, the work of Weston A. Price and herbal remedies. Over the years, she has explored and researched natural health modalities extensively. Her broad knowledge and array of experiences with numerous therapies allows Charis to understand her clients on a deeper level and connect to the unique needs of the individual.

Charis offers several services at Herbs Etc including Naturopathic consultations, Muscle Response Testing, nutritional counseling, Iridology, Live Blood Analysis, Voice Analysis, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology and Light Healing Touch.

Chloe Kolberg, Holistic Esthetician, NHT & Store Associate

Chloe Kolberg – Holistic Esthetician, Natural Health Therapist, and Store Associate

Chloe Kolberg has been working in the field of skin care since 2018 and as been using natural health principles in her daily life for nearly 10 years. As a Holistic Esthetician, Chloe specializes in the health of the skin and how it intertwines with the health of the entire body. Remember, your skin is your largest organ! Chloe provides holistic and natural facials. She is also practicing as a Natural Health Therapist providing light healing touch, and reflexology therapy. She is also studying to become a Board Certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor. When she is not working her clients on-on-one, she can be found in the Herbs Etc store working with clients one-on-one with their natural health needs.

Dawn Davis, LMT & Store Associate

Dawn Davis – Licensed Massage Therapist and Store Associate

Dawn Davis became a massage team member after completing her education at the Naturopathic Institute. When not massaging, she is working in the Herbs Etc store helping customers and clients with their natural health related questions and needs. As an LMT, Dawn offers an array of holistic therapeutic bodywork modalities, customizing the massage session to best fit their needs. She specializes in working with children and clients with special needs. She is also studying to become a Board Certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education.

Jodi Hauck – Licensed Massage Therapist

Jodi Hauck became a member of the massage team after earning her diploma at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education. She is eager to work with her clients to reach optimal health through bodywork. Jodi is also attending the Naturopathic Institute to become a Board Certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor. She will be able to combine both her skill sets and provide her clients with the best of both worlds.

Megan Silvers, Store Associate

Megan Silvers – Store Associate and Colonic Therapist

Megan Silvers is a Natural Health Educator and continues to study naturopathy at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education. Megan can teach and provide tools and modalities in which to bring homeostasis (balance) to customers and clients. Colonics is a great modality to keeping healthy, ridding the body of toxins that accumulate in the colon. By removing these toxins, a noticeable improvement in regularity, decrease of gas and gloating, increased energy, clearer skin, increased moods, and so much more.