When Did We Become Allergic to Everything?

Allergies are on the rise like never before in recorded history.  With more processed food, Genetically Modified Organisms (Foods), Round Up overuse, antibiotic over use, and Electrical Magnetic Frequency stressors on the body, such as cell phones and other devices and its towers, whether you use these devices or not, all are a burden.  Your diligence to good health is needed now more than ever!

The Root of Allergies Begins in the Intestines
In natural health, there is a saying that says, “life begins in the colon.” When the intestines are out of balance, it really affects the functioning of the whole body and can result in symptoms that seem like they have nothing to do with digestion. Allergies as well as chronic fatigue, arthritis, cystitis, skin conditions, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and other health concerns often result because of an imbalance that begins in the intestinal system.

A healthy digestive tract breaks down the food you eat, assimilates the nutrition and distributes it throughout the body for energy and repair, removes and eliminates wastes, supports a healthy immune system, and produces neurotransmitters for mood balance and more.  Many factors can contribute to irritation and inflammation in the intestines, including stress, foods, medications, chemicals, parasites, and bacteria. When one or more of these factors are present, the membrane lining of the intestines becomes inflamed and permeable; this allows undigested food particles and other substances to pass through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream where they cause immune reactions and even more inflammation throughout the body.  This situation is commonly referred to as leaky gut syndrome.

Allergies, especially, tend to result from leaky gut syndrome because of the immune response triggered by undigested particles showing up in the bloodstream.  Current research suggests that 70% of immune system activity is concentrated along the intestinal lining.

So, if you want to be allergy-free, the secret is in improving your digestion.  First, try to avoid chemicals, food additives, and medications. Eliminating refined sugars is helpful, because bad bacteria in the intestines feed off of sugar and can create more inflammation.  Avoiding dairy and grains, at least temporarily, is helpful, too.  In order to repair the intestinal membrane, bone broth is one of the best ways.  It contains glutamine and glycine, amino acids needed for healing the gut; drink 1-4 cups daily. We can teach you how to make this broth!

Other supplements to consider include enzymes, such as PDA or Food Enzymes, to increase nutrient absorption as well as probiotics, like the Probiotic Eleven formula, to restore beneficial bacteria to the digestive system. Cleansing parasites with Black Walnut or Herbal Pumpkin and reducing negative bacterial overgrowth with Goldenseal, High Potency Garlic, or Yeast/Fungal Detox will decrease the factors creating a permeable intestinal lining.

There is hope for feeling better!  Looking at your digestive system in a new way and making some changes to help it heal will make big improvements for you from the inside out.  Consult one of the naturopaths at Herbs, Etc. to personalize a program for your health goals so that you feel better today!