Pain Relief

This one is an old time favorite.  The recipe to make it is said to be over 200 years old.  Long before we had access to lots of essential oils, everyone carried a bottle of Tei Fu oil.  Now, it even comes in a lotion.

Use it for a tight sore back, kidney pain, knees that ache, wrist problems, headaches, sinus congestion, bruising, hammer toes, neck problems, broken bones, and several more concerns.

It acts like an icy heat and reduces inflammation from multiple causes.  My father still uses it on long car rides to stay awake.  He is not shy to share that if you put some on your temples and just a bit under your nose, you can drive for hours!  Just be sure to wash your hands really well after applying it. If you forget and wipe your eyes, you will be watering your shirt for several minutes!  The oil is very concentrated but travels well in a small bag or first aid kit.  I used it for sciatic pain in my lower back for years!  The lotion covers a large area easily.