Have a Question for Dr. Baker?

We are now offering a quick help clinic for those who would like to schedule a 45-minute appointment with Dr. Baker, the owner and founder of herbs etc. and the Naturopathic Institute.

Dr. Baker has not taken new clients for a long time, but occasionally, we come up with new ways to get you started.  First, you can schedule an appointment with her and then, receive a follow-up by one of our other excellent naturopaths at herbs etc.

Starting this fall, Bessheen will be taking 45 min. assessments on up to 6 people per day as she has student interns sit quietly in the room and observe how to solve concerns on common and not-so-common health complaints.

You can also have a more detailed assessment by starting with another naturopath for 20 minutes and have Dr. Baker conclude with the 45 minute session.  Additionally, many people are choosing to include a massage and/or an unlimited day in the therapy room which can include a foot soak, sauna, massage bed, color therapy, and magnet therapy! The possibilities are endlessly affordable.  Call herbs etc. for the next Jump Start clinic day (989)773-3636.