Improve Your Brain!

Mind Max – This amazing product has my attention.  The first time we used it was for a client with a head injury from a car accident.  She got great results with clarity of thought and calmness to the mind.  We started using it for focus, attention, memory, clarity and essentially, anyone with a brain fog complaint.  People love it and can tell a difference right away.  The key is that it contains a unique magnesium attached to the L-threonate amino acid.  First, it is hard to get the mineral magnesium into the brain area and being attached to this amino acid allows that to happen.  Secondly, magnesium is a great nerve nutrient that allows the area to relax and cool.  What could be better for clarity and memory than a well fed, relaxed and nourished brain?  I liked the results the clients got so much, I  started taking it, too!