Genuine Energy

There is a number of reasons I like this blend.  First, it’s liquid and is great for children and people of any age. It can be taken with a little shot of juice or in a smoothie, although the brave at heart just take it straight up! Second,  it does not effect blood pressure or blood sugar in a negative way.

What this blend contains is a number of herbs for helping the body adapt to stress, boost your immune system, improves digestion, cleanses the blood and does an outstanding job building up your mineral supply.

We age due to loss of minerals, we get most diseases, again, due to key mineral deficiencies. Getting mineralized is like a slow steady work out routine that rebuilds your endurance, improves your attitude, reduces aching and gives you more energy.

I’ve recommended this for years, and have had great success for those who don’t want to take too much supplementation but need to get healthier, like teenagers!  When people are low in all minerals this is the first thing we grab.