Any Allergies?

No matter the allergen, this is a great remedy.  Protease comes in a High Potency concentrate and regular.  First of all, it’s a great digestive aid for all proteins.  If you struggle with digestion, this is very helpful.  Second, we use it for eating up foreign proteins like those associated with cancer.  We have had great success using high  amounts of the concentrated formula for those working to eat up the bad cells.

Now, to the allergies:   Allergens act like foreign proteins, that’s right, proteins, so…if you use a protein digestive agent, you ’eat’ up the foreign proteins before the immune system over-reacts to it!  This is great no matter the allergen.  We use it for food allergies like gluten, dairy, corn, nuts, egg, soy and more.  It is fabulous for pollen allergies like ragweed, golden rod, trees, grasses and even dust!  We have used it in emergencies when the throat is swelling shut; we opened a capsule and put it directly on the tongue.  Use it even if not exposed to the allergen as it heals the gut and helps stored protein problems.