Anxiety Be Gone

Nature’s Sunshine continues to bring top-quality products that are key to helping specific concerns.  The blend AnxiousLess is designed to reduce anxiety and improve confidence.  The recommended dose is only one per day.  It’s a blend of the key herb Zembrin from South Africa with the amino acid Theanine which has a great reputation for anxiety and depression. Next they have added a very necessary B vitamin used for support the GABA amino acid along with magnesium and zinc.  All of these together are able to create brain-firing stability which is lacking with anxiety.  When we suffer from anxiety we can not control the over-firing of certain areas in our brain.  It feels like you are spinning out of control with worry, panic and obsessive thoughts.  This stops that over-firing and returns the brain to calmer, normal function.  Then you start to feel in control again your confidence can be restored or gained. This product is good for teens and adults!  We’ve had very positive client feedback.