Ask the Naturopath: Specific Flowers for Specific Emotions

Several years ago, I was reading about a natural remedy for stress, and it was made from the blossoms of a beautiful tree. This remedy described a type of stress manifesting in a person by causing them to be overly critical, intolerant, judgmental, and a complainer over little things. Huh, I wondered what’s that remedy called? Well, it comes from the Beech tree, so it’s lovingly called the “Beech” remedy; if you get my meaning! What a delight: flowers from nature to remedy negative emotions in humans, pets, and husbands. Not necessarily in that order!

So, here’s how it works. Flowering plants, trees, and bushes create these amazing blossoms that are the positive representation of human emotions. Therefore, when you are suffering a negative emotion, it can be countered and brought back into balance using its natural counterpart. Imagine that nature has a remedy for attitude, and there are no side effects!

This amazing discovery is credited to Dr. Edward Bach of England. He was a physician in the late 1800s who felt the proper way to handle a health concern was to treat the person and not their condition. In doing so, Dr. Bach would assess the person’s emotional state and give them flower remedies that he spent years researching and discovering that matched their fears, worries, and concerns. He found that when these concerns were supported using the essences of flowers that the body, now being in balance, could heal itself.

One of my favorite examples of Dr. Bach’s work is when he helped a woman of forty who had been suffering from the aftereffects of sleepy sickness for many months and had been given up as incurable after much treatment. She was dragging herself about her home, tripping and falling down frequently, trying to do a little housework and cooking. She had to sit and rest for long periods, always falling asleep. She had lost interest in everything. Her eyes were half closed, her muscles weak and wasted, and she had no appetite.

Her condition indicated one of Dr. Bach’s remedies called clematis, made from the clematis flower.  Within a fortnight of taking the remedy, her walking was steadier, she felt less desire for sleep and was able to raise her eyelids and so keep her eyes open for much longer periods.

But the most striking change was in herself.  She was happy and hopeful; she laughed and smiled and began to make plans as to what she would do when she was quite well and was so grateful for her increased activity and strength.

There are numerous stories where Dr. Bach helped people with simple cases like this and others that were far more complicated.  He always used flower remedies, which are simply made by setting the flower blossoms in a bowl of water, letting them sit in the sun, and then, later, preserving that “flower water.”  Dr. Bach was amazing in how he tuned into all the God-given remedies available to address our emotional and physical needs. His remedies are very affordable, averaging $10 or less per month and are used throughout the world. Now, many countries have students and professionals continuing Dr. Bach’s work, discovering the flowers of their regions and how they can help to balance emotions.

Here are a few of my favorites! 

  • Beech – for the overly critical and intolerant personality.
  • Mustard – for depression that comes and goes like a dark cloud.
  • Oak – for the workaholic who continually takes on too much.
  • Apsen – for anxiety and vague and unknown fears.
  • Larch – for one who doubts their own abilities and needs confidence.
  • Honeysuckle – for the person stuck in the past.
  • Elm – for anyone who feels temporarily overwhelmed.
  • Cerato – for the person who seeks others; advice and can not make decisions on their own.
  • Centaury – for the obligated person who has a very hard time saying no.
  • Willow – great for feelings of resentment and disappointment.
  • White Chestnut – for a mind that is racing repeatedly over the same thoughts.
  • Vervain – for the overly intense personality, hyperactive.
  • Star of Bethlehem – for recovering from shock or trauma.
  • Pretty Face – for people who are critical of their own appearance.

These are just a few of my favorites; Dr. Bach made 38 discoveries, and since then, a few hundred more have been found. They are very easy to take: simply put 4 drops in your water or other drinks  4 times per day. Some folks like to put them directly under the tongue or even in their bath water.

One delightful client from Gaylord put some remedies in her husband’s coffee every morning.  She picked remedies for “getting off the couch” and being less critical of others. She giggled as she mentioned he’s been far more attentive, helping out with household chores and even more romantic! Others have reported great results for children, pets, and elderly parents. That’s not to say a husband wouldn’t do well to pick out a few for his wife; let’s say, some Beech, Larch, and Pretty Face –  it’s a two-way street when it comes to making “breakfast tea and coffee.”  So, enjoy the flower remedies for balancing your emotional world and remember a bouquet in a bottle might have a more lasting effect!

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