Magnesium Phosphate Cell Salt for Hearth Health, Menstrual & Muscle Cramps

Magnesium supplements and magnesium cures are a huge topic in homeopathic medicine, and we could spend many articles diving into every type of magnesium. But today, we’re going to concentrate on one specific type of magnesium compound that we have found is the best for pain relief.

The remedy referred to as Mag Phos is beneficial for the muscles, nerves, heart, and more. A remedy is considered a cell salt when it is one of the 12 main mineral combinations that compose the human body and is found between the 3x and 12x potencies.

magnesium for heart

Cell salts are prepared according to homeopathic principles, and a 6x potency means that phosphate of magnesium was diluted 1:10 with an inert substance, like water or alcohol, six times. There are a variety of mag phos 6x benefits. This preparation is easily absorbed by the body and does not require a balanced pH, adequate digestive enzymes, etc. These would only be required by the body to break down the magnesium phosphate in its original form.

What Other Types of Magnesium Are Out There?

There are many, many different types of magnesium available on the market, including magnesium citrate, magnesium sulfate (epsom salts), magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, magnesium glycinate, and this just scratches the surface.

There can be side effects to taking magnesium. You may want to consult a homeopathic practitioner or seek medical advice before taking any type of magnesium if you are unsure.

What is Mag Phos Used For?

Mag phos is found to be highly effective at alleviating those pains which are quick and sharp. This can include chronic conditions like sciatica as well as menstrual cramps, muscle cramps, heartburn, various darting pains and more. Magnesium deficiency is even linked directly to certain ailments. Leg cramps magnesium deficiency is a very common ailment that can be solved by adding Mag Phos to your homeopathic regimen.

Is It the Same As Magnesium Phosphorica?

Magnesium Phosphate and Magnesium Phosphorica are different words for the same compound. You might also see this cell salt labeled in several other ways, including Mag Phos, Magnesium Phosphoricum and Phosphate of Magnesium.

Magnesium Phosphate and Heart Health

If you are looking for homeopathy for the heart, Mag Phos might just be it. Magnesium Phosphate is the best form of magnesium for heart health. This cell salt has an affinity for both the muscles and the heart. It helps with heart concerns by supporting the muscular tissue of the heart and bringing balance to its rhythmic contractions. For the reasons mentioned above, it has been found helpful for chest pains, too.

Magnesium Phosphate for Aches and Sharp Pain

This cell salt also works as a nerve stabilizer and has been found to alleviate pains associated with sciatica, neuralgias, and teething or toothaches. Pains that benefit most from Mag Phos are usually darting in nature and can feel lightning-like or electrical, especially with the speed at which they move from place to place. These pains are often made to feel worse from cold and feel better with the application of heat and pressure. Often, the pain will be preceded by a spell of weakness or a sudden, profuse sweat.

Magnesium for Pain Relief and Other Uses

Arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, and pain in general will benefit from Mag Phos if the symptoms associated with the condition match the types of pain that Mag Phos is known to help. Namely, this refers to pains that radiate to anywhere in the body and that are improved by heat and pressure, such as rubbing the painful area or pressing into it. Other conditions we recommend magnesium for: magnesium for leg cramps at night and magnesium for cramps in feet.

magnesium for menstrual cramps

Magnesium for Menstrual Cramps

Its use as a muscle relaxant means that as a treatment, magnesium for menstrual cramps and menstrual pain can be highly effective. Mag Phos specifically works by relaxing the smooth muscle of the uterus, releasing tension and alleviating the pain from cramps associated with the menstrual cycle. This is also the reason why magnesium phosphate for muscle cramps is such an effective remedy. We think that Magnesium Phosphate is the best magnesium for menstrual cramps.

Magnesium Phosphate for Anxiety & Stress

Mental and emotional symptoms indicating a need for Mag Phos are largely ailments that result from being in pain. The person in pain may complain, be self-pitying or angry, averse to working, depressed, or changeable in their moods. Usually, this is because the pain interferes with their mental focus, and they may have given up on getting over the pain.

They can also feel anxious, forgetful, and drowsy. Often, they look as if they could drift off to sleep, yet their pain keeps them awake, exhausting them more. Their fears, too, will reflect their pain: fear of moving, fear that they will not be able to move because of the pain, and fear of being paralyzed by the pain.

Magnesium Phosphate for Headaches and Migraines

Mag Phos is also a great remedy for headaches, especially headaches that sit above the eyes, headaches that are worse on the right side of the head, or when it feels like a cap is being pulled down tight on the head. A need for Mag Phos is also indicated by headaches that radiate to any part of the body, migraines that are accompanied by nausea or when the headache or migraine is so severe that the person vomits from the pain.

Taking Magnesium Phosphates With Other Cell Salts

Sometimes, if Mag Phos alone is not enough to help the condition, other cell salt remedies will help it in its action.

Try these combinations:

  • Take Nat Mur along with Mag Phos for headaches.
  • Take Calc Phos along with Mag Phos for joint pains, teething, toothaches, and arthritis.
  • Take Kali Phos along with Mag Phos for chest pains.
  • Take Nat Phos along with Mag Phos for heartburn.

How to Take Mag Phos 6x

Because Mag Phos is the primary cell salt for pain, it can be repeated as often as needed. In cases of severe pain, it could be repeated every half hour or more. As the pain or symptoms improve, decrease the frequency with which it is taken. To address a more chronic concern, taking a dose 3 to 4 times daily is advised. And, for maintenance dosing, consider 2 doses daily. One dose of a cell salt usually consists of around 5 pellets which are placed under the tongue to dissolve.

For the cell salt, use Mag Phos 6x (the cell salt potency). For relief from spasms, dissolve 2-3 pellets in warm water and take in sips throughout the day. As a heart strengthener, dissolve 1-2 pellets under the tongue four times daily.

As you can see, the cell salt Mag Phos can aid in numerous health conditions, and because of this, it is known as a remarkable remedy. Some even consider it Schuessler’s greatest contribution to the homeopathic Materia Medica.