Ask the Naturopath: How to Gain 40 lbs in 18 Months!

You’ve seen articles on weight loss, “ How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days” or “ Lose 5 pounds a month by eating dessert.” These quick little tricks work for some people, and they can certainly be entertaining while you are waiting in the grocery line. However, the weight most people “lose,” they naturally are able to find again. What if we worked from the prevention angle? What if we could understand why and how we gain weight and change the condition at its root cause? What if we could release weight or the habits that brought the weight imbalance on?

Here are some habits that, when mastered, put unhealthy weight on our bodies; you can do the reverse psychology on your own if you want to release these poor habits. Consider it a new brain pattern for solving an old problem: like sitting on the other side of the puzzle mat and seeing things you could not see before from a new light.

Guaranteed Ways To Gain Unwanted Weight:

  1. Start by weighing yourself every day so that you can have an emotional letdown and start your morning with some personal insults. Especially, weigh in around the full moon because you naturally weigh more due to gravitational fluid retention, just like a full tide.
  2. Avoid drinking water; the less you drink, the more you can gain. Avoid putting lemon or concentrated cherry juice in the water, then your liver can work harder to clean the blood.
  3. Eat plenty of wheat products. Most blood types cannot break them down; this will help you to bloat up and reduce your energy. Now, you won’t feel like exercising or going out to the garden.
  4. Go to bed after 10 pm because the later in the day you are awake, the harder time your thyroid will have in balancing the metabolism.
  5. Drink plenty of diet pop because the artificial sugars in them are so confusing to your nervous system that you might even be able to manage some anxiety and depression on the side.
  6. Take lots of naps rather than exercise because even 10 minutes of stretching per day are not conducive to a weight gain goal. Especially, avoid walking or other exercises of 30 minutes four times per week; this would be too energizing!
  7. Avoid eating uncooked fruits or vegetables with each meal; all the enzymes they provide are too cleansing to keep the weight on.
  8. Compare your success to every body type, age, and person you can think of; this will help ensure the necessary mental pattern for future success.
  9. Always take seconds, order larger portions, eat plenty of fried food, and never order a salad when eating out.
  10.  Finally, avoid any moments of stillness. Too much calmness is not properly exhausting to the nervous system.

Maybe, you’ve already found success in these areas? Is your self-esteem low enough yet? What if you could apply the reverse of the very things that cause us to gain weight? What if you drank more water, stopped the diet drinks, stretched, avoided the larger portions, and spent some time being still every day?  When did you get so busy, or so tired, that you lost the good habits of your youth? Did you have good habits then? Maybe you didn’t have good habits in your youth, maybe you were never taught them, and finally, your body could not compensate for these errors any longer, and the weight just collected.

There is hope! Hope in prevention, hope in better lifestyle habits, hope in being still and knowing the truth of this world.

You are born brilliant, talented, and fabulous! Your hiding and criticizing of yourself does not heal this world. You were born to make manifest the glory of life within you. It is not in some of us; it is in everyone, and as we come into this understanding, we free ourselves and give others permission to also be free. Evaluate your lifestyle and daily habits from the list above, and find out why you gained, so that you may release by forming new and better habits. May you give yourself time to make these changes and the time to be still and understand the depths of their application. Maybe, find beauty in each day, starting with yourself. Many blessings to each of you!

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