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Color and Sound Therapy

Color and Sound therapies are both located in our Therapy Room.

The body’s organs all resonate at different frequencies, just as musical notes & color vibrations or light. Each organ of the body shares a corresponding color and musical note frequency. These therapies allow you to balance specific tissues within the body using color and sound vibrations.

Color Therapy involves lying on a massage table as predetermined colors of light are directed on specific body areas.

Sound Therapy involves relaxing on a massage table and listening to interactive music of predetermined frequencies that correspond to the concerns that you wish to work on.

When the body’s organs are out of balance, they will not resonate their optimal frequency, thereby causing disease. Both of these therapies are useful for bringing the body back into balance.

Clients note a very deep relaxation, feeling as if several hours have passed from one short session.

*NOTE: Before having Color or Sound Therapy, it is important to have had a Voice Analysis. This will determine which color and sound would be most beneficial to your body.


60 Minutes: $15 | 30 Minutes: $8