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Whole Body Tuning

Have you experienced how much better a piano or other instrument sounds after being properly tuned? That is the difference you will feel after this therapy!

This amazing technique uses color, peaceful music set to a particular note, specially blended essential oils, and unique tuning forks that, when struck, resonate at the perfect tone to a particular part of your body being addressed.

What To Expect During Your Therapy:

Lying fully-clothed on a massage table, you will first hear the sound of music designed to reduce the stress of your adrenals and glandular system. While the music plays, your therapist will apply essential oils to your feet, also allowing you to smell them. After the application of the oil, a colored cloth is layered over the adrenal area. At this time, light massage techniques may also be used. This sequence is repeated for six additional key areas of stress.

This therapy will help you feel more balanced, harmonious and “tuned-up”, boost your immune system, and support your nervous system.


30 Minutes: $45 | 60 Minutes: $69 | 90 Minutes: $99