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Voice Analysis

Various parts of the human body attract nutrition and communicate with each other by way of sound frequency. In other words, each organ has its own keynote frequency that resonates to the particular nutrients, minerals and sound vibrations required for function.

For example, the colon vibrates to the note of B, while the liver vibrates to the note of G. Fortunately, for our sanity, the frequencies of our organs and systems function outside the range of human hearing!

The keynote frequencies found in the body are the very same frequencies found in music. Just as the note of C appears several times on a piano keyboard at varying octaves, the note of C appears many times in the body. The voice, being the composite sound of the human body, is representative of all of the frequencies in the body, a voice analysis functions on the principle that the human voice, apart from being a communication medium, also exhibits all of the silent as well as audible working frequencies of the body, mind and emotions.

The majority of individuals have missing or stressed notes, which correlate with physical imbalances. These imbalances translate to compromised health, impaired regenerative abilities, emotional blockages, ETC.

A voice assessment of the heavy and weak areas of a voice print can act as a guide to improved health, regeneration, and increased energy. A voice print can literally point out exactly why a door is locked and which key is needed to unlock it.

Simply speak into a microphone for a few minutes, and your therapist will create a computer graph printout of your voice and design a creative solution for you!


60 Minutes: $90 | 30 Minutes: $45