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Story Counselor

Why Stories Heal

Learning and telling your story can be a transformative healing experience that brings you into relationships with others in a whole new way.

Even just one session with Sheila Carroll, professional storyteller and resident story coach at Herbs Etc, will help you get at the most meaningful, lasting parts of your life experience and empower you to find your authentic story.

Many of us leave our real story untold. We tell the superficial, “outside” story, such as details of our work or family.  However, the real story lies within and expresses our deepest values and hopes. This story touches on the lasting, visionary quality of greatness we all carry. Sometimes we hide this story from others and sometimes we even hide it from ourselves.

When we don’t know or tell our authentic story, we wind up feeling lonely and out of touch with our life’s purpose, bothered with a chronic sense that something just isn’t right. We may even wind up feeling worthless, unloved, or sick.

Benefits of Discovering The Missing Pieces of Your Story:

  • A powerful way to stimulate optimism and hope in your life.
  • A profoundly useful tool for getting unstuck.
  • Increased ability to find and tell healing stories yourself.
  • A new love and deeper understanding of yourself.
  • Increase in your own problem-solving capacity.
  • Insights into the connection between your story and your inner life.
  • Tools for promoting healing and recovery for yourself in the future.
  • A method for telling your healing story to help others.

Who is Sheila Carroll?

Sheila is a 30-year plus veteran of storytelling. She has worked as a professional storyteller, business owner of a story-based educational project, and a personal story coach. Her work in using memories to create healing stories has been called “groundbreaking.” An avid student of health and wellness, she has seen again and again the need for knowing your story to be truly well.


90 Minutes: $99 | 60 Minutes: $69