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Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy works with the finer energies of each of the five elements which pertain to the physical, mental and emotional body, as well as the chakras.

A Polarity Therapy session promotes the body to heal by prompting the flow of life force energy, clearing congestion and creating balance in the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Your certified polarity therapist, Lori Becker, will subtly work with engaging the subconscious mental and emotional patterning that can often manifest as physical disease.

As trauma is stored in cellular memory and body tissues, the Polarity session has the ability to help guide the client to process what has been causing the obstructions and heal.

Polarity Therapy is a safe, non-invasive therapy that is beneficial for aiding in creating an environment for the body to harmonize and heal itself. Polarity Therapy is helpful for anyone to incorporate into their health maintenance program.

Lori Becker is a Board-Certified Traditional Naturopath. Lori has completed Level One Polarity Therapy Certification through the Polarity Center of Ann Arbor and maintains ongoing training in this field.


30 Minutes: $45 | 60 Minutes: $69 | 90 Minutes: $99