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Neurological Organizational Technique

The protocol known as Neurological Organizational Technique, or N.O.T., was developed by Dr. Carl Ferreri, a chiropractic physician from New York, in 1978, based on applications and concepts from Applied Kinesiology and several other chiropractic techniques.

Dr. Ferreri felt that nothing is impossible as it relates to the central nervous system and the body’s ability to heal itself. His knowledge of the human body, neural function, and energy medicine was that of a genius in both understanding and clinical practice.

The founding neurological principle behind N.O.T. is the evaluation and therapeutic reintegration of aberrations in the vestibular system and its effects on walking gait and the central and peripheral nervous system.

Neurological Organizational Technique focuses on prenatal and neonatal neurological development, also known as our primitive reflex systems. The theory and basis of N.O.T. are looking at the primitive reflexes as fundamental neurological pathways which can be inappropriately retained and/or developmentally incomplete.

Encouraging and resetting these retained reflexes to full maturity is a primary objective and the basis for success with this methodology.

The purpose of the Neurological Organizational Technique is to re-establish optimal neural function by resetting neural pathways and undoing compensatory states. By restoring neural function back to its original state, the concept of rehabilitation or retraining is no longer the highest priority for the body. An optimally functioning nervous system allows the body to heal from acute or chronic illness and traumas at maximum efficiency and, at the same time, raises vitality and improves longevity.

To receive this therapy, you remain fully clothed and lie on a massage table. Muscle response testing is used to determine which reflexes, or neural pathways, are out of balance. Then, the neural pathways are allowed to reset through the application of the protocol which consists of holding, tapping, or rubbing specific neurovascular and neuro-lymphatic points on the body.

  • Chronic conditions
  • Debilitating conditions
  • Delays in development (such as talking, walking, etc.)
  • Learning disabilities
  • Nervous system conditions
  • Any condition that is not responding to other remedies or therapies
  • And more all benefit from this amazing therapy


30 Minutes: $45 | 60 Minutes: $69 | 90 Minutes: $99