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Emotional Release

If you could uncover and heal the root cause of your illness or emotional pain, would you? Could you open your heart to the beautiful and awesome creation that you really are?

Research has suggested that we carry in our DNA inherited emotional baggage from past generations as well as our own.

These emotions are stored in the amygdala gland in the brain, part of the limbic system. Essential oils are used because they are capable of breaking through the blood/brain barrier. Essential oils can travel to the amygdala gland where emotions are stored, and the aroma helps release these stored emotions.

During an Emotional Release session, you may experience flashbacks or think about things from the past—or you may experience little emotion.

Procedure: While you are lying on a table, fully clothed and with soft music playing, essential oils are applied to different areas of the body. No talking is necessary during the session. (Please wear old comfortable clothes, as the oils may stain.)


90 Minutes: $135 | 60 Minutes: $90 | 30 Minutes: $45