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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is reserved for those women who are expecting. It is always a good idea when making the appointment to let them know you are expecting and how far along you are.

A woman who is experiencing a healthy pregnancy can get a massage anytime throughout. If a woman is having health issues related to the massage, has sudden onset edema, or on mandatory bed rest, it is best to speak with her physician first to guarantee it is safe.

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Prenatal Massage Benefits

Prenatal massage therapy can help relieve the pains and discomforts of pregnancy. Fostering wellbeing in the mother means passing on that wellbeing to your child. Some of the great benefits of pregnancy massage include:

  • Relief from Headaches: Head massage is a great way to relieve stress headaches. Reducing the possibility of migraines and stress headaches helps you concentrate on your and your child’s wellbeing.
  • Release Muscle Tension: Muscle tension can build up during pregnancy. Releasing muscle tension reduces discomfort and increases the flow of nutrients to your child.
  • Soothe Fatigue & Swelling: Massage stimulates cirulation in the muscular system and bloodstream, helping to reduce swelling and increase energy levels.
  • Seratonin Release: Massage helps increase the release of seratonin – the hormone that helps create a sense of overall wellbeing in the mind.

Prenatal Massage Safety

Prenatal massage is safe for your child in-utero, but many mothers may want to avoid it in the first three months of pregnancy as there is a possibility of increased dizziness or morning sickness during that time.

Prenatal Massage What to Expect

A pregnancy massage is not much different than a regular massage, except we work on accommodating mama’s growing belly. This is done by either using a special bolstering system that cushions the belly and allows the client to lay face down. Or the therapist will supply several pillows that allows the client to comfortably lay on her side. The therapist will likely avoid using any essential oils and will avoid working around the ankles as this can induce premature labor.

Expecting mothers more than likely experience more aches and pains than the average person due to not only growing a baby but also hauling that little baby around all day. A pregnancy massage is a great way to not only relax but help release some of the tension and pain from being pregnant.

Pregnancy Massage Near Me

The pregnancy massage therapists at Herbs Etc have extensive experience working with women throughout their pregnancy. To get more information or book your massage, call us at (989) 773-3636.


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