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Infant and Adolescent Massage

Babies and kiddos love massage. Massage on children can help with a number of things from growing pains to muscle tension and digestive issues. Children and babies experience muscle discomforts just like adults do.

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It is very important that a parent or guardian is present when filling out any paperwork that is needed.

Anyone under the age of 18 needs to have a parent or guardian sign off on any paperwork. If the adolescent feels more comfortable with a parent or guardian in the room, they are more than welcome to be present. Children tend to have a difficult time staying still for much longer than 30 minutes, so scheduling anything longer may be unproductive after the half-hour mark.

Infant massage is excellent for any babies that struggle with colic, sleeping disturbance and much more. This session is a pronounced opportunity for the parents or guardians to learn techniques and apply them with the baby.

Massage is a great way to bond with your baby. Incorporating massage into a regular routine will not only be good for the baby, but also increase the bond between you two. This is also a great way to incorporate more daddy time for those that breast feed.

Massage is great for everyone, including infants and children and they enjoy it just as much as adults. And just like for adults, the benefits of massage for youngsters is just as great.


20 Min: $25