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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot stone massage is an excellent therapy for those whose tight muscles respond well to heat.

hot stone massage in mount pleasant

In this modality of massage, the massage therapist uses basalt stones, these hold the heat best, while giving the massage like they are an extension of the therapist’s hands. A hot stone massage is very similar to a regular relaxation or therapeutic massage, but hot stones are incorporated throughout the massage to access deep tissues and help alleviate tension.

What is Hot Stone Massage Therapy?

The therapist may massage with the hot stones and use the placement of hot stones to help further release tissues. A special blend of massage oils is often used to create a barrier between the hot stone and the skin so the desired effect of heat without burning the skin is achieved. When placing the stones on the body, the therapist will wrap the hot stone in a thin towel as to not burn the skin but still feel the heat.

Hot stone massage can be both relaxing and very therapeutic. The heat creates a very lovely effect of warming and relaxing the tissues and the stones can also be used as tools to get deeper into the tissues.

Book Your Hot Stone Massage in Mt Pleasant

This therapy can be enjoyed year-round but feels especially delectable in the cold winter months. It is available as a 60-minute, 90-minute, or 120-minute option, but the 90-minute and 120-minute are ideal as they give the therapist an opportunity to get the whole body and be able to focus on any areas of concern the client may have.


90 Min: $104 | 60 Min: $74