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November Products Spotlight

NSP Chewable Elderberry – Oh So Yummy!

One the of the best immune boosters for the season is available as a Children’s Chewable! The only challenge is trying to save it for the children and not eat them all before you get home.

Elderberry is a great anti-viral because the enzymes it contains help to neutralize the “drill head” on viruses that are attempting to get into your own cells and use them as little factories to make more viruses.

Elderberry plants grow up to 10ft. tall in the garden and bare beautiful deep red to purple berries in clusters that look exactly like the tiny alveolar oxygen exchange structures inside our own lungs. This is what we call a ‘Doctrine of Signature’ in herbology, when something about the plant expresses a way it can be used for our own health!

Unfortunately, some have suggested that Elderberry does not create a cytokine storm of mucus if used for long periods of time. It’s simply a great respiratory herb and natural immune booster. Even though they are excellent for children, we are known to be snacking on them around Herbs Etc. daily!

The Ascension Kit

This super charged mineral collection kit is one the deepest acting mineral kits known to mankind! Using a very refined process of making minerals extremely small for easier cellular assimilation, this kit is designed to help the brain and its glandular system make far more use of its conductivity potential. This increases concentration, memory, optimism, and more by awakening that additional 94% of our brain that is supposedly untapped. Plus, it helps reduce free radical damage and hardening of the pineal gland from being around so much blue screen technology and “G” waves.


Some people like their journey into monoatomics to be in stages of progression. Our whole set comes in a powder bundle for those seeking the benefits of all the powders.

  • Stage 1: Begin with Zerolight. Zerolight is the foundation builder for deep ascension.
  • Stage 2: Spiralight with additional metals will assist with the beginning of noticeable ascension.
  • Stage 3: Spacious is the final stage prior to the full spectrum Astralight.
  • Stage 4: Astralight contains Gold, Platinum, Copper, Silver, Rhodium and Iridium. This ultimate level powder is quite an experience to say the least. The addition to Rhodium and Iridium will provide ultimate stimulation to the brain to explore your utmost potential.

Post-Progression Maintenance

Zynergy and Kinetic Powder: The “maintain” powders allow one to maintain ascension after completing the stages of progression listed above–and now with the addition of Spectrum Powder to make sure you get all the metals and minerals that are vital.