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Grand Unified Mineral Complex (GUMC)

Image Courtesy of Hillman Health Foods

A mineral and amino acid supplement formulated by Genetic Researcher Dr. Richard Olree, author of Minerals for the Genetic Code. The formula contains vital minerals for the proper functioning and replication of human DNA, including:

  • Selenomethionine – Comprised of mineral selenium and sulfur-based amino acid methionine. Selenium is essential for the proper production and stabilization of our chief antioxidant, glutathione, an anti-aging powerhouse that prevents damage to our DNA and keeps cellular law and order in human physiology.


  • Boron – This mineral absorbs and adequately disposes of harmful electromagnetic radiation. Boron also activates the hormone vitamin D and provides an electromagnetic shield to buffer against viruses in both plants and humans.


  • Iodine – conducts and encourages the rise of all minerals in the body. It helps to keep bacterial infections at bay due to its potent anti-bacterial properties. Intelligence, metabolism, and healthy reproduction are reliant on this noble mineral.



Bacillus Coagulans

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This highly stable friendly bacterium can form a protective spore shell, allowing it to survive the body’s harsh stomach acid and internal temperature very well. Ongoing clinical research also suggests that this soil-based, spore probiotic can help balance the microbiome (probiotic community) environment in the gut, thus enhancing immunity and neurotransmitter balance.







Fulvic Acid

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A naturally occurring compound found in the soil and is a decomposition of food and decaying plants. It is used to stimulate the immune system and has been used historically to help with influenza and other viral infections. Fulvic acid shows excellent results in helping with brain disorders and is used to help fight fatigue and remove heavy metal toxicity. Fulvic acid provides a broad spectrum of trace minerals easily absorbed and helps increase the absorption rate and absorbability of all minerals in the body. It scavenges free radicals, supplies electrolytes, enhances nutrient transport, catalyzes enzyme reaction, increases assimilation, and helps rebuild the immune system.




My-Immune Defense

My-Immune Defense | Nature's Sunshine United States
Image Courtesy of Nature’s Sunshine

This blend of the organic mushroom complex is designed to help strengthen one’s immune system. It provides a vegan source of vitamin D. Mushroom polysaccharides (beta-glucans) have been shown to stimulate both aspects of the immune system, leading to immune cell activation and messengers’ production positively regulate both the innate and adaptive resistant system branches. You can add MY-Immune Defense to your favorite smoothie, juice, or recipe for a nourishing boost of organic mushroom goodness!