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6 Key Courses

Unlock your potential to achieve your personal best by attending these 6 classes. The cost per class is $10, or One Full Saturday for all Key Classes is $60

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Key 1 Thrive: Learning True Health

1/16/24 or 8/13/24

6:30 pm

This class is an excellent introduction to the amazing field of natural health. What are
the roots of illness and true wellness? What can a person expect on their journey into
natural health with Practitioners and Naturopathic Doctors?

Key 2 Nourish: You Are What You Eat

2/13/24 or 9/24/24

6:30 pm

Welcome to the uniqueness of every person! This class will explore basic nutrition for
Americans: the good and the bad stuff. Then, you will learn how to create the best food
program for your metabolic type, blood type, and special needs.

Key 3 Discern: Personalizing Your Program

3/5/24 or 10/15/24

6:30 pm

In this class, you will learn how to use non-invasive forms of assessment to evaluate
your true state of health. We will dive into the tools of the Naturopath such as Iris
Analysis, Sclerology, Muscle Response Testing, Live Blood Analysis, and more.

Key 4 Strengthen: Empowering the Body to Heal

1/23/24 or 4/16/24 or 11/19/24

6:30 pm

Discover the key nutrients of wellness to repair the DNA, Restore Strength, Clean the
Filters, Charge the Brain, Balance the Hormones, Restore Flexibility, and Create
Longevity. This class will give you an in-depth understanding of minerals, vitamins,
amino acids, and where to find them.

Key 5 Harmonize: Discovering Mental/Emotional Component

2/27/24 or 5/14/24 or 12/10/24

6:30 pm

The ability to consider the full person in wellness is what sets natural health apart from
other forms of health care. In this class, you will learn the specific emotions and mental
states associated with each organ in the body. Simple remedies without side effects will
be taught to provide support and balance for all aspects of health.

Key 6 Excel: Understanding How to Achieve Vibrant Health

3/26/24 or 6/18/24

6:30 pm

This final class brings the opportunity to look at long-term goals with direction and
purpose. How will you eventually captain your own health voyage? What are the
seasons of cleansing? What are the patterns of the year for restoration? All this will be
explained in your key to success!

All Day Saturday Class

4/6/24 or 10/12/24

9:00 am — 4:00 pm

A one day class bringing together all the information and keys laid out in the individual
classes. Lunch on your own.