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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage is the moving of the soft tissues of the body using techniques such as kneading, compression, friction and stretching. Some benefits include relaxation, improved circulation, alleviating muscular tension and pain, improvement in cellular nutrition, relief from the effects of stress, reduction of anxiety, and relief from sports injuries.

Pain-Spasm-Pain Cycle: This phenomenon is started either by pain or spasm in a muscle, which perpetuates itself in an endless loop [i.e., the initial injury occurs resulting in muscle contracture; this creates ischemia (lack of blood flow); the lack of blood flow results in a build-up of metabolic waste in the muscle tissue, and fresh nutrients are no longer available to nourish the area; this leads to ischemic pain, which then creates more tightening of muscle tissues or spasms, and more pain; this cycle continues until something breaks it.] Massage helps break this painful cycle by softening the muscle tissues and allowing the blood to flow, reducing metabolic waste and increasing nutrients to the injury site, thereby decreasing pain.

Damaged Tissues: Accidents at home, work or play can leave bruises, sprains and other injuries in the soft tissues. Massage improves circulation, helping to clear cellular debris from an injury site and bringing nutrients needed to heal the damaged tissues. Thus, massage helps speed recovery.

Clients who receive massage on a regular basis experience improved self-esteem, confidence, weight reduction and a more positive outlook.


120 Minutes: $109 | 90 Minutes: $89 | 60 Minutes: $59 | 30 Minutes: $39

15 Minute Chair: $12

Series Discount Available: Prepay for a series of massage services:
Six 90 Minute massage services: $450
Six 60 Minute massage services: $300
Six 30 Minute massage services: $200

Infant or Adolescent Massage: 20 Minutes: $20

Hot Rock Therapy: 90 Minutes: $99 | 60 Minutes: $69

Raindrop Therapy: 60 Minutes: $79

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