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Faith-based listening and advising is designed to provide you with the tools and skill sets to help you progressively achieve stability in your life and travel a lifelong pathway towards faith-based goals using your thoughts, words, and actions.Your advisor, Pastor Dennis Kalil, will challenge you to make a difference in your own life while providing insights, personal knowledge and experience, and faith-based guidance.You will be able to reach your goals using a strategy that is comprised of short-term achievable goals and personal resources. The trials and tribulations we struggle with today are actually revelations of where you’ve been in the past.The first thing to realize is that this is a lifelong journey. This is one time when it is all about you! Your pathway to success will be built on simple and understandable instruction which will help you become established in your new found freedoms to meet your end goals. Session outcomes will provide you with the following benefits and tools:
  • Keys which will unlock the doors to a new and healthier you
  • The ability to enhance the relationships you have with yourself and others
  • Provide you with guidelines to use for setting stable and healthier boundaries
  • An understanding that will allow you to be free to be yourself, and not bound by the fears of what others might think
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90 minutes: $99| 60 minutes: $69 | 30 minutes: $36