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COVID-19 Update: 4/2/20

April 2, 2020


Forgive us!


In our last post, we gave you great tips for your immune system and DNA and completely forgot how to keep those around you calm!  So, here’s a quick update on feeding your nervous system and healing your excessively washed hands.


First, the nerves:  Different people need different things to support their nerves, depending on how they adapt to stressors and change.  An individual person may need one or two of the following at most (not necessarily all of them):  NSP’s Anxiousless blend is for anxiety and trouble sleeping.  NutriCalm is great for people who have nervous energy and are struggling with change; it’s a blend of B vitamins and good nervine herbs.  Magnesium is always helpful for people who simply cannot relax.


We’ve narrowed it down to the top 3 flower blends for the current situation:

Post-Trauma Stabilizer – Helps one regain balance and inner stability after one has reached the breaking point of having additional change or stress added to an already full load of stress.  This is Dr. Howard’s favorite!

Yarrow Environmental Solution – Strengthens one’s personal bubble so as not to be overinfluenced by Wi-Fi radiation, collective negative consciousness, TV news, and being around others who struggle with the current situation in a negative way.

Five Flower Formula – also known as Rescue Remedy – is wonderful for children and elders, as well as pets, establishes a state of calm, peace, and certainty that all things are in divine order, and takes one out of fight or flight and nervous anxiety.

The great thing about flower essences is that they can be taken several times a day, once to 12 or more times, pretty much as needed, and put under the tongue, in any beverage, or even on the skin.


Another key topic is all this hand sanitizing and disinfecting.  So many of you are coming in with homemade recipes – which is great!  However, all of this isopropyl alcohol and antibiotic soap is hard on your hands and hard on your liver!  Please realize that if you are adding essential oils to these home recipes, there is, in our opinion, no need for the alcohol.  If your job requires frequent hand washing, then Dr. Baker, in collaboration with HBC Organics owner Jessica Kellaway, has formulated a new hand healing cream specific to this concern.  It contains avocado oil, hemp seed oil, and key essential oils, all of which are organic.  It is available in 4-ounce containers, and a little dab will do ya!


We remain open 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Saturday and are fully and heavily stocked.  Dr. Howard and Dr. Baker are in full support of the store staff as we daily navigate your questions, incredible senses of humor, and positive outlook for the coming month.  You are welcome to come in and shop, call your order in ahead of time for pickup, or have it sent to you through USPS; we are sending out multiple packages daily.


Thank you for your continued support!


Dr. Howard and Dr. Baker