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NITE Natural Health Quarterly Newsletter—Winter 2017

We are excited to announce the winter 2017 edition of our quarterly newsletter for NITE, the Naturopathic Community Center (NCC) and Herbs etc, has now been released! Thanks to our students and our alumni and the support they give us, we continue to promote healthy lives every day by providing naturopathic education through our accredited holistic school. In our quarterly newsletter, NITE Light, readers will be informed about upcoming courses and programs, and read articles written by certified natural health professionals about naturopathic medicine and holistic health. These articles are a great source of information for anyone trying to enhance their health and life through holistic and natural medical practices. Our Winter 2017 issue includes various programs and topics, which include:

  1. Holistic Health for a Healthy Immune System
  2. Saturday/Sunday Seminars
  3. Tuesday Teachings
  4. Drip…Drip… Need a Bladder Plumber?
  5. Natural Woman: Women’s Health Options
  6. Sacred Woman Retreat
  7. Intuitive Counseling/Holistic Bodywork
  8. Christmas Wish List
  9. Winter Specials at Herbs etc
  10. Even more “Can’t Miss” Seminars for 2018!
  11. You Become What You Think
  12. Join the Quarterly Crone
  13. Starving Cancer Out!

As you can see, NITE’s quarterly newsletter allows you to explore a variety of topics to learn different ways on how to enhance your life. If you want to lead your life in the direction to become a healthier, happier you, NITE’s quarterly newsletter provides some helpful steps so you can start your journey towards more natural, healthful living. Follow the link below to download and read our newsletter. If you’re interested in learning more about natural medicine and health, or about NITE and the educational opportunities our holistic school offers, contact us at 989-773-1714 or you can use this form to request more information.

Winter 2017 Quarterly Newsletter