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Amy’s Top 25 Homeopathic Remedies

If I didn’t have a homeopathic kit and wanted to start collecting remedies to make one or wanted a few essentials to take while traveling, these are the ones I would start with:

  1. Aconite: shock; fear; panic; illness after exposure to cold air Apis: bee stings; swelling; shingles; allergic reactions
  2. Arnica: injuries; bruises; pain; healing after any injury or dental/medical procedure
  3. Arsenicum album: food poisoning; diarrhea; asthma; anxiety
  4. Belladonna: high fevers; sunburn; delirium
  5. Bryonia: constipation; influenza; migraines; grumpiness
  6. Calcarea carb.: malnutrition; fatigue; obesity; connective tissue disorders
  7. Carbo veg.: indigestion; fainting; collapse; chronic fatigue
  8. Gelsemium: stage fright; influenza; diarrhea; general feeling of low energy
  9. Hepar sulph.: infections; abscesses, sore throat; ear infection; swollen glands
  10. Hypericum: nerve pain; nerve injuries; spinal injuries; phantom pains
  11. Ignatia: grief; depression; hysteria; compulsive behavior
  12. Lachesis: sore throat; loss of voice; hemorrhages; varicose veins
  13. Ledum: puncture wounds from bites, stings, etc; bruises; blood poisoning
  14. Mercurius (sol. or vivus): infections of all kinds; sinusitis; swollen glands
  15. Nat mur.: depression; allergies and chemical sensitivities; hay fever; constipation
  16. Nux vomica: over–eating, drinking, work, etc; constipation; hemorrhoids; insomnia; addictions
  17. Phosphorus: upper respiratory illnesses; laryngitis; bleeding; fear of thunderstorms
  18. Pulsatilla: moody; weepy; PMS; pink eye; hay fever; heartburn
  19. Rhus tox.: joint and muscle pain; low back pain; poison ivy; shingles; skin rashes
  20. Ruta graveolens: injuries/soreness of tendons and ligaments; eye strain; hip pain
  21. Silica: general infections; tooth decay; bone disease;
  22. TMJ; digestive disorders; food allergies
  23. Sulphur: skin conditions; food allergies; digestive disorders; burning pains
  24. Symphytum: sprains; fractures; broken bones (once set); hernia
  25. Thuja: irritable bowel; herpes; warts; polyps; sinusitis

Of course, it is ideal in homeopathy to match the entire picture of symptoms that a person is displaying to the remedy that addresses the greatest number of those symptoms. However, in emergency situations, I have found that the remedies listed above cover a wide range of symptoms. It is also helpful to purchase a complete homeopathic kit to have on hand.